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Zerynthia On/Off is an online periodical dedicated to Zerynthia, RAM radioartemobile, and No Man's Land Foundation, entities that have always been committed to the preservation, enhancement, dissemination, and ethical and educational use of RAM radioartemobile's valuable sound cultural heritage and MPDS audio archive. "Zerynthia, Association for Contemporary Art, is an 'OdV (volunteer organization) that has been supporting artistic innovation, promoting and organizing contemporary art events in Italy and abroad since 1991 with the intention of expanding the boundaries for a fruition of art that always experiments with new modalities," stresses Mario Pieroni, President of the Association and publisher of Zerynthia On/Off. We wanted to create a journal that was not stereotypical in either form or content. We gave it a contemporary attitude, relying on interaction with artificial intelligence.

The journal aims to promote creative dialogue and stimulate new artistic perspectives.
Through reports and insights,the journal highlights initiatives that nurture cultural and personal and collective growth. The magazine's various thematic sections include: interviews with female artists (emerging and established), podcasts and audio excerpts of sound artworks from the MPDS audioarchive, and a space/rubric dedicated to original artistic contributions.

"It is always exciting to see ideas first become visions shared with other people and finally become reality. It's like a dream come true," says Annalisa Nicastro, Editor-in-Chief of the Zerynthia On/Off news outlet. "So much has changed in the last 20 years: context, available means, perspectives, which need new sensibilities and new tools. The possibilities to tell the facts and the platforms through which to do so have multiplied like never before. We wanted to be there in this extraordinary historical moment of change to use the exponential technological progress in creative terms and always start from memory, from the testimonies collected over the years to bring everything, with the new, into the future." Nicastro concludes by saying, "Progress should not be fought a priori but known how to welcome it in order to try, always with the utmost care, to adapt it to human needs. We wanted to create a newspaper that is in step with the times and multimedia but also ethically uses artificial intelligence."
The editorial team consists of professionals working within the world of art and technology to provide readers with a stimulating user experience.
Zerynthia On/Off aims to create food for thought through a variety of artistic mediums that blend art, technology, tradition and different cultures. We invite you not only to read, but to immerse yourself in the worlds we present, hoping to stimulate all senses and open new horizons of thought.